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Lighting and Finishes


Single Color
Blue / White
Lighting Show Upgrade

Single Color Lighting

Single color lighting is great for simple lighting for the color you love. This type of lighting is dominant at whatever color you choose, for example if you choose Blue it will be more pure and dominant than the blue in RGB lighting.

Type Of Single color lighting Options

  • Cool White (6000k Brightness)
  • Warm White (3000k Brightness)
  • BLUE
  • RED
  • PINK

Blue & Cool White Lighting

Blue & white lighting is a dual color lighting option which a great option if you love blue and cool white lighting. This is only offered in blue & cool white but upon speacial request we can mix different colors.

Most people choose this option because they're underwater lights have thesame type of lighting. If this is your situaution and you want to keep the lighting in uniform then this will be a great option for you.

RGB Multi-Color Lighting


Multi-color lighting is great with you want more than just Red Green and Blue lighting. with RGB lighting you have the option to choose unique color like orange, purple, yellow.

This option comes with a wireless or wall mounted conroller that allows you to choose whcihever color or standard lighting show that cycles through all the colors slowly.

RGB+W Lighting

RGB+W has all the same features as the RGB options with the additonal choice of a warm or cool white option.

RGB multicolor lighting option does not give a choice of white lighting like the RGB+W Option. The white lighting is a seperate dedicated light source to give it a impeccable glow without interfeiring with the RGB light source.

This option comes in a 3/4" thick satin layer that will appear as a soft white in the daytime. This option does come with our standard wireless remote or wall mounted remote.

Lighting Show Upgrade

This is a controller that can be added to any color or lighting option. This controller is something somebody would use in a nightclub or home for extreme reliability and functionality.

We custom make every show for each nameboard, each individual letter can turn a different color or be at a different brightness to give it the ability to make a wave or anytype of lighting show you desire.

This is compatibable with most underwater lights and can be zoned. Most clients get this option with the multi-color lighting for a 3-sided job plus the underwater lights for it all to synced with no lag. there's also an option to connect to the yachts internet so whenever your on the network you can control the lighting.


Base Line
Combination Options

Base Line


Our Base-Line is an polished lucite that comes in one of 3 colors that are polished but not painted. these colors will be listed below. This option is best if you want to be cost efficient or if you care more about the lighting than the daytime finish.

This option comes with no steel but can be double layered with two different colors. If you want a custom color that is not listed below than we will have to go with a custom painted option.

listed Standard Lucite Colors

  • Black
  • Grey
  • White
  • Saphire blue

Stainless options

Our stainless option is a classic all around option that goes in uniform with all yacht, polished stainless is on every yacht. it's Marine resistant and extremely durable and looks amazing in the marine environment.

We do have different thickness of steel that veries on different applications such as curvature, clearances or preference. Get in touch with us to discuss further.

We hand polish all of our steel in house without outsourcing any step to insure top quality finish.

Custom Painted


Our custom painted gives you the option to add your favorite color or to make the name color match with your yacht.

This gives you the ability to truly make your sign unique and stand out, with a 3 layer clear coat finish to ensure the protection and longevity of the paint for time to come.

When added with a 3D bevel or rounded endges the sign can look much more distinct based on the way the sun hits the painted layer. Get in touch with us!

Combination options


What we mean by 'combination' is having to mix the stainless, painted or stainless coating option to give the lettering a color comintation to make certain colors look more rich and stand out and not blend in with the yachts exerior paint.

For example our most popular option is to have a stainless steel face with a black lucite outline layered behind the steel. This makes a dramatic difference from the stainless not having a black outline because stainless steel tends to blend in with most yachts extrior paint (White gloss exterior coat).



Our titanium finish is an aboslute premium option that comes in a few different colors listed below.

This option is a combination of polished stainless steel and titanium. The Titanium is infused with our stainless steel through a process called vapor deposition. This process adds on 4-8 weeks to any project, which makes it a long and expensive process. The end result is absolutely stunning which will last a lifetime because titanium is one of the strongest durable materials in the world.

Types of color options

  • Black Stainless
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Sea Green
  • Copper